Don Luis Zavala


Hello! I’m Don Luis Zavala–blogger, author of two published novels and several short stories. Welcome to my domain!




Will the #MeToo Movement Ever Go Away? – “Although it may seem that Hollywood has gone berserk putting in the guillotine those who have at least one sexual harassment accusation, the manhunt has spread into politics and sports; and it shows no signs of stopping. Has this been a long-time coming?”


Why The Left & Right Are To Blame For Political Correctness – “Political correctness has taken over the media, our day-to-day conversations, and, worst of all, our culture. If you expect me to attack liberals only, think again.”


Writing What You Know – Romance & Erotica – “I couldn’t find anything humane and truthful about penning a short story that had some kinky scenarios. My goal was simple: take the characters to a point where they would devour each other like gluttonous animals once they couldn’t control their urges.”


For my novels and short stories, click HERE.


Oh My Holy Phone, cover page, copyright 2014





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